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    Default Suggestions for where to find a good beach bag

    I have a huge, huge LL Bean bag that I use for going to the pool with our family of 5 but I'd like to find a cute an little bit smaller bag for the beach at CSA. Any suggestions for a good place to find one? I tried Target but didn't have much luck. Thanks!

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    Salt Water Canvas. ROCK Solid construction, many pockets, several styles and sizes. Prices are very reasonable. If you need something customized, they can accommodate. Highly recommended. We have the Dolphin model and its perfect for two beach towels, and all the items you need at the beach for a day of lying around. Trevis cups, camera, binos, e-readers, cell phones, etc.

    Scott and June

    Saltwater Canvas Mesh Bags

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    Walmart has some cute bags. Do you have Charming Charlies? I haven't been there for a beach bag, yet, but I'm sure they must have something. Heading there this morning.

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    Have you looked at Vera Bradley? They have endless sizes and prints to choose from. You can find amazing deals on eBay if you're patient or the VB website usually has some prints on sale.

    I use a Miller Bag and it is huge so you probably would want to go with something smaller.

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    I've always gotten good sized beach bags at Target, so if you don't need it right away I'd suggest looking again in a couple weeks. They seem to always be getting more styles in.

    If you do need one right away, I'd suggest another LL Bean bag, but a smaller version of the one you already have. Lucky for you, they have free shipping online!

    Another tip: use your beach bag as your "purse" on the plane. That way, you get a carry on and a larger beach/tote bag.

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    The CSA gift shop! They're unique - and I use it for a carry on for the return trip.
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    CSA Gift Shop.
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    Default Beach Bag

    Quote Originally Posted by Stolly View Post
    I have a huge, huge LL Bean bag that I use for going to the pool with our family of 5 but I'd like to find a cute an little bit smaller bag for the beach at CSA. Any suggestions for a good place to find one? I tried Target but didn't have much luck. Thanks!
    Try Walmart. They have a lot of beach bags and most are under $10.

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    I love Rume bags! They fold up to the size of your fist making it easy to store in your purse or wallet when shopping or traveling but have a lot of room when unfolded! They come in great prints and sizes, plus they tend to not get full of sand!

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    I found ours on amazon.

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    Don't know about CSA but CN's gift shop has several & so does the boutique there .... I bought 1 at the boutique 2 years ago & a larger one this past trip (that I used as a carry-on because I bought too much stuff) ... Love them both.

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    CSA gift shop. We have bought five there over the years. Three for our kids, and two for my wife. She loves them.

    Life is good

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    Thanks USMC, I just ordered a Dolphin bag from Saltwater Canvas!

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    I hate to say this as a guy, but I agree with laharlson. You gotta go Vera Bradley. My wife was first turned on to them a few years ago, and she just got the beach bag for her birthday. They're called the Seashore Tote, and they're on sale on their website right now for $39, down from $65. We have the one with the turtle on it. Very cool bag. There are fish, turtle, whale, anchor, and crab patterns.

    Seashore Tote | Vera Bradley
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    ETSY!!!!! beach_bag on Etsy, a global handmade and vintage marketplace.

    I love Etsy and you can find virtually anything you need on there Actually, now you're making me want to search for a new bag. Enjoy your trip!

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    I got a super cute one at meijers for $9! It's big enough for a towel or two and has pockets.

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    CSA gift shop, where you can use resort credits if you have some and the little shop next to CSA just past the Great House.
    Around $15-$20 price range at both. Look for Robin Ruth brand.

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    Thirty-One has cute bags. Plus you can us them when you come home.

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    I found a cute one at TJ Maxx. Also just bought an ADORABLE bag while in Dubai...that's a bit far to go for a bag, though.

    I agree with others with Couples gift shops, super cute bags there.

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    Saltwater canvas should give USMC a referral gift. I ordered a Dolphin bag the othe day. It came in like five days. Love it!!! Will be nice to be able to rinse it out at the end of the day and have it dry by morning.

    Thanks USMC!!!

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    Thank you everyone!! I will check out all of these suggestions! Are the beach bags at CSA gift shop canvas or nylon and what kind of designs do they have?

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    Glad some folks used my recommendation! I can certify the Saltwater canvas as "Marine Corps" tested during a grueling vacation in Jamaica.

    Scott and June

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    I have one canvas one & one nylon from CN. Lots of different designs to choose from at CN ... I'm sure CSA is the same.

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    Have got a few at Couples over the years and last visit in March got one at CSA that can't wait to use but will save it for our return next winter.

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