My husband and I spent almost two weeks at CSA and had a wonderful time. While we where there we got married and they did an amazing job. It was by far the best vacation I have ever taken and we will definitely be back! The only complaint I have is that they advertise that the club is open until the last person leaves so me and my new husband went our last night in Jamaica to party and enjoy our last little time there. We had a great time and meet some new friends, but unfortunately at 2am the DJ packed up and went home. I talk to him before he left and said he only gets paid from 11pm until 2am, so I understand why he left. Although, by the time I got back up to the bar to get another drink, they had already had everything cleaned up and the only thing they would give me was beer, not what I was drinking. We were not they only couple still at the Aura and they basically kicked us out. Not exactly how I was expecting to spend my last night there, and I would have understood if they would have told us that they close at a certain time, but we where told they stay open as long as there are people there.