We met with Latoya the day after arrival. We chose our location (sea wall), beverages, music, flavour of cake, and bouquet.
The cake is very thick and rich. I was showed a binder with some bouquet options. I told her that I wanted yellow and purple, and round not cascading and left it at that. We chose to have Canon played by the Steel drum Band on CD (Latoya has this).

We informed her that we would be having an outside photographer also. Latoya also made my hair appointment for 9am; our wedding was at 11am. I also let Latoya know that we would need my dress and DH’s shirt steamed.

We also chose our menu for the breakfast in bed, the morning after. We chose bacon, sausages, omelette, hash browns, croissants, juice and coffee. It was delivered about 15 mins late but that was ok, as we weren’t quite up. Our certified copy of the Marriage Register, just married t-shirts, and the rest of the cake was delivered to us later that evening.

The morning of we ate breakfast at 7:30. I went to get my hair done at 9am. I chose a picture from the magazine, and she did an amazing job. It only took her 45 minutes. Straight hair is much easier to do, so if you have curly I would book earlier. DH got ready and eventually headed down to see Latoya, where she fastened his boutonniere. Latoya later came up and laced up my dress for me.

As I wasn’t interested in getting any pictures done of me getting my hair done, dressed etc...(not my cup of tea). My photographers showed up just before the ceremony. They took some pictures of me in the room and on the balcony. They later went down and took pictures of DH at the ceremony site and with the minister.

The day we got married was SUPER windy and had huge waves. There was no way we would have heard the music, so we did not play it. The ceremony was over very quickly. We then signed the certificates, three times. We then went and had cake and champagne.

After cake, we made our way around the resort getting pictures for approximately 2 hours. We did the sea wall, the gardens, lobby, and near Bayside. We opted not to get beach pictures as the beach was a little packed, and because of the waves the water had moved up alot further taking away some parts of the beach.

Marcia and Christopher were great to work with.

My bouquet was a $40 upgrade. Steaming of the clothing was $80. We tipped the minister $40. We gave Latoya a Bath and Bodyworks Basket. My hair cost $55. Bouquet, hair, vendor fee were all charged to our room. The steaming must be paid in cash. As we did not have any cash on us we got a credit card advance to pay for the steaming.

My advice is to double check what you have packed. We forgot Dh’s shirt at home. We went into town the next day in search of a white button up shirt.

If we were to do it again, DH would have chosen the 10am ceremony time as he didn’t like waiting around. I would have chose 4pm, as our day had cloudy periods, therefore I didn’t really have the beautiful blue water. We did not get the half hour massaged that were included.

Here is a link to pics of CTI, we haven't received our wedding photos yet.


Also a bunch of my flowers blew away as it was so windy. So the 2 pics of the bouquet are missing several flowers.