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    Default Seagrapes Menu at CSA

    I saw a post on the Couples Facebook page that showed a recent Seagrapes menu. The famous fish tacos weren't on it! Are fish tacos only available certain days of the week?

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    Just got back from CSA this past Friday. Fish tacos were most definitely on the Seagrapes menu -- had them a couple of times during the stay!

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    Default Yes Thay Are :-)

    We just returned from Swept Away one week ago. The fish tacos were still there and they were awesome! The only catch, they are on the menu for half the week and the other half of the week was Jamaican Sushi, which was also extremely good! Monday through Thursday was the fish tacos, and Friday through Sunday was the Jamaican Sushi, I believe. The reason I remember this is because Oshane, the incredibly friendly chef at Sea Grapes told us to "Please come and let me make you fish tacos on Monday." when we asked him about them as soon as we arrived on a Saturday afternoon. This young man is really special and he was one of the highlights of our trip.

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    I'm not positive, but I think the menu changes on occasion. Also not sure if it is daily or a more irregular schedule for the changes and variations. I do recall that some things were available some days and other things on other days. Keep in mind that they often will fulfill a request for items not on the menu though.

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    The menu changes from day to day. You'll always find something delicious there.

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    Default Seagrapes

    We were just there in Oct/Nov and what I noticed was that there are two different menus at Seagrapes...there was one sitting up at the bar area which had things like the Sushi and Mediterranean Plate and then different ones sitting on the tables which had the Fish Tacs, Falafel Sandwich etc.

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    On the days you cannot get fish tacos, get the snapper sandwich, it is really really good. We just got back friday also.

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    I loved Seagrapes! All of their food was amazing. My wife and I went this past February and I am still going through withdrawl symptoms from not having the, to die for, sweet potato chips and pumpkin/jalepeno dip!

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    I think it was my picture you saw of the menu. It did change while we were there and then changed back again. Can't be sure when it changed but we got in on a Thurs. and then it changed on Monday I think and back again on Thurs. We were there for 9 days so I'm not exactly sure of the day it changed.

    Kevin & Angie

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