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    Has anyone flown with air Jamaica since they were taken over? We are getting ready to book air fair for next year. I like their flight schedules but just want tomake sure it will be ok.

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    We flew with Air Jamaica this July and it was probably the best experience we've had with them. Since the new airline took over the flight times have been great. It's the first time we ever left Jamaica on time to come home. Everything went very smooth. We also like their times better. We leave Philly at 6 AM and are on the beach by 11 AM. Our TA also said things seem to be running smoother with the takeover.

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    I recently posted on the message board. I had the same question and was reassured it was OK. We went ahead and booked Air Jamaica for January.

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    I was thinking the same thing we want to come down in Oct 2011 They have great flights from NY

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    We will be flying out of PHL on 12/7. Have not hear anyting bad about them not flying. If you go to there web site look down the left side for Flight Status. Thats tells you deparing andarrvil times for the day before So I think you will be OK
    Yes we love the departing times both ways too.

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    thanks for all the input. Hey Homemon we will be there in oct 2011 also. Arrive oct 7-15

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    Out of Philly is nnice. Leave home early and come back late. We will be using them in June. We flew US Airways last time.

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    Wehave always flown AJ, but never out of Philly. Usually out of BWI, which is no longer available. A little concerned about the Philly Airport. We did take a ride up a couple weeks ago just to see where it is and approx how long it took to get there. I guess we will leave around 130 am to get to philly, park, catch a bus to the airport. I heard it is a very large airport. Very excited about the times though and glad to hear they seem to be running on time. I was expecially concerned about the return flight. We only left Jamaica 1 time close to the scheduled time out of 5 trips. Don't mind being in Jamaica, but not crazy about having to sit in the airport all day and night. Looking forward to our next trip

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    Going from Philly 12/16,,,,,leaving at 6;30am,,,on beach by 11,,,,yehaaaaaaaaaaa,,,,don't leave til 6 pm,,,,tremendous,,,,,

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    We leave out of Philly but stay the night before at the Sheraton Four Points. They keep your car all week for the price of staying the night and shuttle you back and forth to the airport. That way we are not rushed getting there and get a good night's sleep.

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