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    Default Rooms to book at CSA?

    We're planning a trip to CSA in April of next year, but I'm not sure which room to book. Is it worth it to pay extra to have the ocean view or beach front veranda rooms? What's the difference between a beachfront suite and a beachfront verandah suite? I've read some complaints about road noise keeping people awake at nights, which I would HATE! What rooms are the quietest? I wish I could take a trip there to preview the resort before I take a trip there.

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    Stayed in all the rooms at CSA. They all have there different fans from atriums, greah house verandah etc... its worth the extra money for the beachfront verandah your doors and there is crytal blue water. Beachfront suites are in the older part of the resort which is still very nice can not go wrong with either one however we enjoy the pool bar so the verandah suites are closer to that area.
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    If beachfront is in your budget, go for it! It's amazing to be so close to the water.

    We had a beachfront suite and I was thrilled with it. Beachfront suites don't have TV, beachfront verandah suites do. I think my husband missed the TV a tiny bit but I didn't miss it at all. We used the iPod docking station alot.

    What I loved about the beachfront suite was all the wooden-slatted windows. You basically have windows on all 4 walls, which is why there isn't room for a TV.

    The beachfront suites are in smaller buildings - 3 or 4 suites per building. The beachfront verandah suites are 12 to a building. To me, the newer section of the resort (where the verandah suites are located) seemed more congested so I was very happy that I picked a beachfront suite. But that is just my opinion and many people prefer the verandah suites.

    We didn't get any road noise from our room. We did occasionally hear people walking and talking on the beach path at night.

    The best thing to do is look at the pictures of the rooms and see which ones speak to you.

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    Thank you both for your replies. I've been trying to sort out the difference between the BF Verandah suites and just the BF suites. It sounds like the BFVS are newer; does that go for all the verandah suites?

    I LOVE the look of shuttered windows; however, if I'm being practical, I have to admit I'm a light sleeper and I'm a little afraid the lack of actual windows might be a problem for me. The BFVS would probably push our budget to the max, but it sure would be nice to be right there by the beach.

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    This is the view from our Oceanview Veranda Suite. Really great!!! By the way April is a great month to go, this will be our 7th year and there are alot of great repeater who go then.

    Just 155 days till we return Home to CSA !!!

    Chris & Paul
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    We've stayed in the Beachfront Suite, Beachfront Verandah Suite and Garden Verandah Suite (we're booked for the Atrium for this trip). We LOVED the Beachfront Suite and the Beachfront Verandah Suite - Loved literally stepping off our porch to the beach. That being said, if $$ is a consideration, we also very much enjoyed our Garden Verandah Suite, and the times we stayed in this room category we actually had very good views of the ocean! While there is some noise with the GVS, we were never too bothered - probably because we had the AC on at night with the windows closed and we're early risers.

    You'll hear this a lot, but honestly, I don't believe you can get a really bad room at CSA -

    I hope you enjoy your vacay!!

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    Default beachfront suite

    We've always stayed in the beachfront suite, and never had a single complaint. Some people complain that guestsa re always walking by, but it seems there is a path leading all around the resort, so ppl are going to walk by every room at some point. I wouldn't stay anywhere but the beachfront suite. btw, I am not there to watch tv.

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    In my opinion, and this is just my opinion....

    Randymon and Couples have done a very good job at pricing the different rooms at CSA. The prices seem to be very closely matched to the value (that I perceive) you get in that class.

    That being said, I have always said that I thought the best "bang for the buck" deal are the Atrium rooms.

    I have stayed in a BFVS and I loved it too. Definitely worth it.

    Now about that preview you wished for... Maybe this will help:

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    Oooops ..... That video is very nice.. But this is the one I meant to post:

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