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    Default Question for anyone at CSS right now

    I know that it is Jamaica and there are bugs, no brainer. We have been to Couples 3 times before and never had a problem with bugs coming into our room when we slept with our door open at night. This will be our first trip to CSS and there is more vegetation than at CTI. Is anyone experiencing any bug problems in their rooms at night? Do I need to get some kind of bug screen before I come so we can continue to sleep with our door open this trip? We are arriving at the end of the week! 5 days and counting!! Thanks for any information.

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    I think it would depend on where your room is located and how much of a breeze there is. Having said that, I've never experienced a bug "problem" at CSS (aside from the occasional nasty creepy-crawly that wanders in). I'd say pack some bug spray (or wipes) to be safe, but I certainly wouldn't bother with any sort of net or the like.

    We're arriving Thursday, so we'll likely see you there!

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    Default No Bugs

    Went to CSS last December and we encountered no bugs. In fact, there were nights we slept out on our balcony and listened to the ocean.

    We are looking forward to experiencing CSA in late December hopefully no bugs.

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    Default Not there, but will share

    We stayed at CN and thought it would be great to leave our balacony doors open to listen to the night sounds. In the night, we awoke to find my husband had huge welts on him from bites. (I had none, go figure! I was covered with the sheet.) We got up and swatted at bugs with towels for about an hour. NEVER again! Lesson learned. It was December when this happened in the garden rooms. I realize each place is different, but I will personally never sleep with the door open again.

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