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    My fiance (soon to be husband) are going to be at CSA Christmas eve through dec 30th for our honeymoon. I have gotten a lot of info about CSA through the website and word of mouth. I have heard that the nightlife at CSA is on the mellower side and I am trying to find out what kinds of things there are to do at night. We do not like to stay out super late but we do like to go out and have a good time. Can anyone who has been there clue me into some of the evening happenings? Also, does anyone know if something special happens on Christmas eve/ day? Thanks everyone!

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    There is always something going on at night, but how "active" it is really depends on the night. We loved hanging out at the Aura lounge for the piano sing along (seriously fun, even if its not the type of thing you normally like). Then there was usually a DJ. The martini bar is fun, and the Plams always has some sort of entertainment. Some nights there were only 10-15 people at the lounge, but other nights it was wall to wall people.

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    Most nights they have a sing along at the piano bar, which is a lot of fun. Afterwards the disco next to the piano bar opens with a DJ and dancing. One night there is a bonfire on the beach with a singing guitar player and bar. It's laid back, but really relaxing. Earlier in the eavning the staff puts on "Showtime" We are night owls, and although it's not crazy, the nights are fun.
    I've never been there at Christmas, so I can't answer that question.
    Have a great tim!

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    My husband and I have been to both CSA and CN. The nightlife was more mellow at Couples Negril in comparison to Swept Away. CSA has a piano bar and night club which stays open until the last person leaves. There are also live performances in the evening, and a small casino.

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    Ultimate Chocolate plays in the Aura lounge most evenings. The bartenders in the Aura Lounge are fantastic and they have some primo liquors in the bar. The Lounge turns into a dance floor later at night. There is usually some sort of band/dancing in The Palms almost every evening. The Martini Bar can get kind of wacky. There is the Bon Fire on the beach.

    As you might be able to tell, none of these things are particularly wild and crazy. For something different, you can head over to Margaritaville, but I always find it painful to pay big bucks for drinks at Margaritaville when I can get all I want at CSA.

    I think that the evening entertainment is geared toward ensuring a romantic evening for the couples. Lord knows, that doesn't mean that we are sober for much of it!

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    Thank you everyone for responding! The way you all described it sounds perfect, and exactly what we are in to. CANT WAIT!

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    Default Christmas at CSA

    You will love Christmas at CSA. My husband and I went last year and vowed to return every Christmas. This year will be Christmas in Jamaica #2. On Christmas Eve they have carolers and a cocktail party outside. The whole resort is lit up with Christmas is mellow, but really fun. On Christmas day, Santa comes (we hear he comes a different way each time). Last year, he came in on a scooter, but has come in on a jet ski before. It is cute, all of the ladies, and even some of the men, go sit on Santa's lap, etc.

    Trust and your new husband won't be bored at night. One night they had a band at the nightclub with a singer who sounded just like Louie Armstrong - they played a lot of jazz and you could get up and dance. Last year we didn't hit the nightclub until late in our trip. This year, we will be hanging out there more often.

    Enjoy your honeymoon and we will see you there!

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