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    Quote Originally Posted by liv4roc View Post
    When we were there in December, there were all ages. We heard the younger people in their twenties state it was just gross. We tried it for the first time and loved it.

    Dear Liv4Roc:

    How old were you both when you were there; and, were you offended by the statements of the younger people that it was just "gross".

    I believe the people who would say such are not naturists, otherwise they would know that naturism is accepting of all types, sizes and ages, etc.

    If the older folk were to give any credence to responses like that, there would be almost no one on naturist beaches since the younger people are not embracing naturism the way they did decades ago and it is left to the older ones to keep the lifestyle alive.

    I think the younger people try the naturist/nude beaches without a clue about the lifestyle and are probably surprised to see the older folk there in the first place.

    I believe nude beaches like those at the Couples resorts provide the springboard for the younger ones to give nude sunbathing a try. However, they go there probably with the 'mistaken' idea that only people of their age groups will be there, and when they see the older ones they have difficulty with the effects of age on those persons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamerican352005 View Post
    We are 28 & 30. You will see early 20s to 80s.

    No matter the age we are all young at heart when we are naked
    This has been put so very well.

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    My wife and I had our first AN experience at CTI in 2010. We loved it, so much so we are going to CSS in June and look forward to experiencing SSB. We are in our mid 20s. We were on the younger side at CTI, although looking back I would say the median age was lower than what the message boards are painting for June at SSB. With that said, as many others have put it on this board, age is nothing but a number. These environments are the true equalizer. Everyone is just happy to be enjoying the AN experience. If you want to just be secluded with your spouse and relax together, you can do that. If you want to be brave and join the others at the pool setting you will find great people who will show nothing but friendliness. Counting down the days until June!!

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