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    Default CTI 8/21 through 8/28

    Awesome. That would describe our week at CTI ... from our first Red Stripe at the airport lounge we started to relax. Had a great driver who talked on the ride to the resort, were greeted with cool towels, rum punch, and that special Couples hospitality and friendliness upon our arrival. We were given a beautiful room with a fantastic view (ocean premier room), large walk in closet, and a huge balcony. My husband thought he would miss the stocked mini-fridge that we had at CN, but he didn't mention it once all week. LOL.

    We ate at every restaurant and were never disappointed. Our favorite was Bayside for dinner (twice) - wonderful Asian cuisine, and the Veggie bar for lunch (except we both loved the Jerk Burgers, so every day was a decision as to which place for lunch!). We opted for the continental breakfast in our room about half the week, and the other half indulged at the Patio ... fell into a routine of martinis at the piano bar each night before dinner ... miss that! Loved the coffee. The repeater's dinner was fantastic as well.

    This trip my husband arranged for the romance package, so we also had a private dinner on the beach ... Sean was our server and he was fantastic ... went above and beyond to make sure we had a special evening ... even found someone to make us cappaccinos afterwards. It was a very special meal and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about it.

    Later, when we returned to our room, music was coming out of the room! We didn't know what to expect when we opened the door (another couple?, our wonderful housekeeper?) ... and had the nicest surprise ... there were artfully arranged flowers all over the bed, the radio had been turned on to a reggae station, and the battery powered candles I brought with us were arranged throughout our room and turned on - it was stunningly beautiful and what a surprise! So very thoughtful!

    Also included in the package were: Champagne and chocolate plate upon arrival (waiting for us in our room when we checked in); fresh flower bouquet (it lasted all week and was stunning); spa credit; gift shop credit; and return coupon for money off our next trip (already booked to CSS).

    This was our first time as repeaters (and only our second visit to Jamaica) and we were spoiled in this regard as well ... upgraded our couples massage to an hour (best massage either of us have ever had - and my husband used to own a body work business!); our tshirts were fun and fit; and we received something else that I am forgetting right now ... felt like Christmas!

    On our second evening we came back to the room after dinner and found more champagne and petite shortbread cookies waiting for us. My husband called the front desk because we thought they had been delivered to the wrong room (we had, after all, had our treats the night before). He was assured that they were indeed for us and so we had plenty of champagne for the week...

    We were pool slugs most of the week ... well, OK, I was a pool slug most of the week! LOL ... we did go to Dunn's River Falls, however, and that was a great time! We just got into a habit of hanging out and then all of a sudden hours had gone by. Didn't even make it to the catamaran cruise ... but we were never bored. We read, talked, socialized a little, and I sketched a palm tree one afternoon from our balcony (something I haven't done for a long time)... I had a facial at the spa, and my husband tried the hot towel shave. The spa was incredible and I understand how it got its number one rating ...

    No, we did not make it to the island this trip ... however, we did move closer to trying it out and likely will the next time we are there (intend to try out Sunset Beach at CSS next year).

    Our weather was hot and not too humid until the last two days, which were quite humid. Likely the thunder and lightening storm that woke us up Thursday night ushered in the change in humidity ... at any event, the storm was awesome and we ended up getting out of bed to watch it over the ocean and the island. We had one very cloudy day and it did pour rain the storm night, but otherwise we had perfect weather for us ...

    As has been said on this message board a lot, the staff were incredible ...we really felt pampered and in a good way, not the bad way ... almost everyone seemed happy to work there and courtesy was met with courtesy each and every interaction. Kept a list of staff who were especially above and beyond for the comment card at the end of the trip.

    We did bring children's books for our gift to our home away from home this time and look forward to doing the same next year. Also brought a gift for our housekeeper which we were able to give her personally on the night before we left ... that was special.

    A wonderful week ... back home in the states, many people commented on how relaxed we were coming back ... we let them in on the secret!

    Jamaica Soon Come!
    Sarah (& Baxter)
    CN 2009; CTI 2010; CSS 2011;
    CN 2012; CTI 2013

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    Good review...Glad you had such a great time! Only 340 more sleeps till my wife and I return for our third visit..

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    Great review! Will u be posting any pictures?

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    Great review! I am so glad that u both had an amazing time. How did your husband like the "hot towel shave"? That sounds interesting. I think my husband would enjoy something like that when we arrive @ CTI in about 353 days. It definitely seems like forever. I try not to think about it because, I am ready to come home to Jamaica.

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    Thank you for the review! What type of gift did you bring for your housekeeper? Before we leave I spend hours thinking of something to bring and find it hard to come up with something!

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