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    Default CSA Beachfront Suites

    Can anyone tell me how much counter/storage space there is in the bathroom of the Beachfront Suite at CSA? The photo doesn't show much and I just want to be sure I don't bring too much "junk".

    Karen & Paul

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    IMHO, not enough. I took this tip from another MB'er, and I bring an over the door shoe rack to hang on the bathroom door. The pockets are the perfect size for all my stuff. (Yeah, I don't/won't travel light.)
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    Not a whole lot. There is a small mantle sized counter in the bedroom part and then only a few feet of counter space around the sink in the bathroom. I didn't run out of space but I guess some people might. I don't pack light but I don't pack a whole ton either. We kept things like sunscreen on the porch because we use the sprays and we would spray them outside.

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    It has been plenty for us but I'm not one to unpack and leave it as I want housekeeping to have an easy time cleaning up around my junk. I tend to use my make-up, lotion, perfume, etc and then toss it back into my make-up bag so all they are cleaning around is the bag. I guess if you pack everything you own and want to leave it all out on the counter it could be a little crowded.

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    Vee, I'd read that also so based on the responses here, I stopped and picked one up on my way home yesterday. That should solve any space problems. Thanks!

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    My husband and I went to CSA in September and I think I brought everything with me from my bathroom at home. There is very little counter or storage space in the bathrooms (we were in a beachfront verandah suite). Since I knew we weren't going to be using the laundry service, I took the basket that was in the room for that and sat it on the bathroom counter, then arranged all of the toiletries in it. It worked pretty well at keeping everything contained and easily accessible.

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