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    Default Black River and YS Falls

    Returning in December can anyone tell me the cost for the Black and YS Falls tour?

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    check out these two web sites, they will provide the information you're looking for I believe.

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    We hired a private driver last January and went on the Black River Safari, stopped at the Pelican Bar and then on to YS Falls. We also stopped for local snacks twice along the way. We left about 7:30 in the morning and got back just before supper. The total cost was $250 for two people.
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    When we were @ CSA in 2008, the Black River and YS tour booked throught the tour desk was $75 per person, add in a visit to Appletons and it was $95pp. I cant think the prices will have changes much. The Black River, YS and Appletons Tour is our favourite day out from Negril.

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    We stayed at CSS and went to both Black River and YS Falls and enjoyed it. We also took private driver and would highly recommend. We saw terrific sites and parts of the Jamaica. The driver was also very insightful on the history of Jamaica and the areas we passed thru. The driver also took us to Appleton Rum factory. We purchased a bottle of 21 yr rum which we will open this May for our 21st wedding anniversary.

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    We did the same trip that Dawn did back in 2007. It was also $95 per person (at the tour desk) and was easily one of our favorite days on our trip. The ride to and from the Black River (1st stop) is a little rough in the little van, but the Jamaican countryside was awesome. You get a much better idea of how the locals live. The Appleton add-on is a must. In fact, by the time you get to YS Falls, you are already 80% of the way to Appleton Estate. Plus the rum helps ease the ride back.

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    How long is the bus ride?

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    The first stop is Black River and that's about 50 miles. It seems like it took about an hour and a half. It's about 15 miles from Black River to YS Falls. Then, it's about another 10 miles or so to Appleton Estate. The ride back to the resort takes a couple hours. The ride isn't that bad, the van just isn't super comfy. The trip is definitely worth it, though.

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