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    Hello, My wife and I will be visiting Couples CTI for the first tme in the spring of 2011. We are thinking about going to the island but have never tried anything like that before. I have a question. Do you have to disrobe as soon as you get to the island, or can you find a spot that is not occupied and then disrobe? My wife has agreed to do it, but only if we can be alone at first to see if we are ready to be au naturel in front of others next. Thanks!

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    GOOOOO!!! Go the first day you get there. You will definitely NOT be disappointed. It's not like you get off the boat and you must drop your clothes on the dock. First off, the dock is wobbely because it's a floating dock so if you try to take of your clothes there chances are you'll be in the ocean and secondly, you can go find a spot first. My husband and I went to the Island the 2nd day we were there. If you go to the right off of the dock then you can have more privacy ( I mean, don't expect your own room or anything). To the right of the dock people generally just lay out and don't bother anyone. So you have a chance to pick out some chairs you want and move them around. We went to the right first and then we went down into the ocean from the wooden stairs by the end of the island. Once we estabilished no one was there to judge you we made our way to the pool bar. It is definitely somewhere you will want to end up. You meet everyone there and no one cares about what everyone looks like naked. Everyone talks and interacts at the island. We were there from the 3rd to the 10th and we will never forget the people we met at the island. The people we met at the island were couples we hung out with and did excursions and dinner with all week. The day and a 1/2 we were on the main land we hardly talked to any other couple, but as soon as we got on the island, we realized that all the people there all want to have a good time and party! Oh, but to answer your question... yes, as soon as you find your chairs and settle your stuff down you must take it all off!!! If you are sitting around with clothes on a resort worker will ask you to remove them or take the boat back to the mainland.

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    Please go the first day! We have been many times to CTI and of course TI. One year, while there, I must of talked to over 20 couples (lost count after a while) to try the Island and the only complaint was that some waited too long to go over. The people we meet are so friendly and we laugh so hard that our jaws and stomachs hurt by the end of the day.

    Go the right when you get there, get comfortable and before you know it you will want a drink and then it is history.

    Enjoy and relax!

    Ivan Islander

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    You will have a great time on the island! My fiance was very worried that she'd feel weird but once out there, she had a great time. She sent me to the bar for drinks, which I was happy to do. We went back every single day!

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    Like everyone said GOOOO the first or second day if you wait you will be sooooo sorry. While we were at CTI there was every age group and every size on the island, the people you meet on the island are the best ever!! Speaking for the guys make sure to bring some SPF 50 for the areas that don't see the sun as often and make sure to reapply!! Have fun!!

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