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    Default CSA beach party

    Can anyone give me an idea of what the CSA beach party is normally like? What time does it start/what is the atmosphere like(is their music/dancing etc)Thank you.

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    Default forgot to ask

    I forgot to ask! If it rains what do they do? Is it moved inside somewhere or is it just plain canceled?

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    I assume you are referring to the Shipwreck Beach Party on Friday evenings. They set up a HUGE buffet feast complete with bar setups right on the beach. A big stage backs up to the surf and they have all sorts of staged music and all sorts of entertainment. I recall that they have some vendors onsite for shopping. The staff dress up like pirates and mingle with the guests for fun and photos. The resort photographers also are roaming around taking photos that you can purchase later at the photo desk. It is a festival type atmosphere...lots of fun! I think it starts at around 7PM or so.

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    Yep that's what I was talking about, it sounds great! Do they set up tables on the beach then?

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    Yep...the whole setup -- stage, tables, buffet, bars -- right on the beach! So much fun! We will be at CSA Nov 26 - Dec 3 for our 5th visit and will be partaking of the beach party on the evening of the 26th. Enjoy your visit!

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    It rained when we were there so they had the buffet and entertainment at the Palms.

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    Tables are set up on the beach. It is first come, first seated; we usually get there around 7:15 or 7:30; I believe that's around when it starts. They serve wine at the tables, but there is also a table set up where you can get mixed drinks and another table where you can get coffee drinks after your meal. The food is also set up on the beach - at least 12 different stations with everything from salads to jerk pork. Be sure to spray your legs with OFF, as the sand flies can be pesky in the sand that time of night. It is great to stick your toes in the sand while eating dinner.

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    It rained that afternoon for us so they moved it to the palms. Still a lot of fun.

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