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    Default Conditions at Swept Away?

    WE are due to arrive at Swept Away on Wednesday the 13th....We are getting reports that Sandals is "closed" and Ricks was heavily damaged due to recent storms. Our booking agency told us everything was fine??? but we are concerned. We have also heard that it is raining "a lot". We were just there this exact time last year and we are used to the afternoon storms that can last up to several hours and are fine with that. Is there any significant damage that we need to know about regarding the resort itself, running of the resort, beach, etc. ? HELP!!!

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    Hi jkharrod1,
    I have been watching the storms on http:// there's a system off the coast of Nicaragua, but nothing over Jamaica currently. Also, Randymon posted pictures of the beach at CSA, and it looks wonderful!
    I did read a post that said the dive boat was out of commission, but haven't seen any confirmation of that, so I'm not sure if that's still the case.
    We've been to CSA twice before, always at this time of year, and there is usually some rain in the afternoon, but it's actually a nice break from the sun/heat, and it's never impacted us negatively before.
    We're heading to CSA on Thursday and can't wait!

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    Dont worry about it raining. Wife and I just returned on Saturday. It rained on our first day for a short time. It then rained again early Monday morning for about an hour. A couple of days it seemed to get a little cloudy around 3pm, but didnt rain. I believe it rains much more inland. It is much like the weather in Florida this time of year.
    As far as the condition of CSA, I can not confirm. We stayed at CSS

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    We are here now, and so far it's okay as far as storm damage. However, we had booked a Great House Verandah Suite, but when we got here we were told those are undergoing renovation. They "upgraded" us to a Garden Verandah, which is even farther from the beach and right next to the road. Our only view is right into the main lobby. We asked for a room closer to the ocean but were told nothing is available. It would have been nice if someone had told us the room we booked was closed before we got here. We would have reserved an Ocean or Beachfront Suite.

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    Don't and my boyfriend just came home from there on tues. the only thing the storms affected was the beach. the staff said they lost about half the beach from it,but they were already working to fix it. there was the usual 20 min drizzles every day..but other than that it only rained bad sunday morning and saturday. and it was only for about 2 hours each..we took the sunset cruise by ricks and there were still people swimming and jumping. actually the day we left was the hottest day we were there and the water was even clearer than the rest of the dont worry

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    No worries mon. We were there last week and all was fine. The resort grounds looked as if nothing had happened but the beach had taken a beating. They were working daily to get it back in shape. The locals said it would take a month or so for the beach to get back to its original state. In order to walk down the beach toward margaritaville you had to wade through the knee deep water as it crashed in on you. This made it tough but I would imagine that this was due to the rough seas. I was absolutely amazed at how the water sports staff would clean and rake the beach on a daily basis. As hard as they were working I'm sure it will all be back to normal soon. We were booked in a ghvs and were upgraded to a ovs. As far as I could tell the room was fine.

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