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    Has anyone scuba dived with CSA---I want to know if they have good gear or if I should bring mine. Also we are thinking of going on the night dive should I bring our lights. I am small with small---small---small I need to bring them....any help would be soooooo greatly appreciated. How is the diving there anyway...Please give me the scoop

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    At CN a year ago, all Sherwood gear in good shape. I had one wet reg all week. Basic BCDs with weight belts. Brought my mask, fins and snorkel. They provide lights for the night dives but I brought my little spare cause I like to look in wholes during the day.

    CSA is just down the road from CN so you'll be diving the same spots we dove. It's not cozumel but it's decent. Mostly flatter terrain. There is a family of dolphins that we saw from the surface. Others have seen under water.

    Some Pics

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    My hubby is an avid diver at Couples and he thinks that the resort gear is in good shape. He brings his own dive boots, fins, snorkel, mask and sometimes his shorty (though on the past 3 trips he dives in his shorts and a t-shirt). He did the night dive one year at CSS and they provide the lights. I'm assuming CSA is the same. Have a great trip!
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