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    Default what extras can i bring from home for wedding reception at csa?

    We are getting married in dec 2010 and are having our wedding reception on the beach at CSA the thing is i have a photo of how i want my tables to look which include tealight holders coloured napkins etc can anyone tell me what is provided for a standard beach reception,as iwant to cut costs if it means bringing a few bits bubble wrapped from home thats ok with!

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    From what I've heard and read, you can bring just about anything you want. I would email Debbie Hall the wedding coordinator in FL and see how she can help identify what is available and what you might bring to cut your costs.

    I am bringing a cake topper and some rose petals.

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    There are table decorations provided but you really don't get any specific choice so you better bring your own to have it look exactly like your picture. You can bring anything you like and they will take care of it no extra charge. I brought a cake topper with matching place card picture frames, Dove paper garland to hang in the wedding gazebo at CSS and seashell shaped godiva chocolates to decorate the cake. I've seen some brides bring a colored satin ribbon for cake decoration which looked great and I wished I would have done that.
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    Default thanks for the help

    im going to bring with me some coloured petals and some tealight holders and also some coloured napkins its just the worry of getting tem on a plane with no breakage!
    thanks for your help guys you are all great x

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