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    Default SECRET Rendezvous July 26-August 2

    We booked our honeymoon with SR, not sure where we are staying till a week before we leave. Exciting and nervous.....anyone ever do this and what resort did you end up in????

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    We did it 2 years ago to save some money.We got CSS and loved it. I am sure you will have a blast wherever you end up.have fun!

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    Default Sr

    Thank you, I hope so too!!!! In order what would be the best if you dont mind me asking?????? ♥♥

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    We normally go to CN (it's our FAVORITE) & had also been to CSA but did the SR in May 2009 to save some cash. We got CSS, which was nice to try one of the other Couples on the other side of the island. We missed the beaches in Negril a LOT because of they're long & have white sand & the beaches at CSS aren't like that - they are very pretty, though, & the resort is GORGEOUS! We've never been to CTI but don't think you'll be disappointed at any of the resorts. We've been to some other AI's in Jamaica & Couples is by far the best. Can't wait to get back to CN in September.

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    Default Well...

    Of course everyone has their own opinion based on what they prefer or what appeals to them on vacation, but if you were to look at it objectively, I think even Couples knows the order of their resorts. CSA is the most expensive, followed by CN, followed by CSS, followed by CTI.

    CSA is spread out, has 5 restaurants and plenty of beach and walking around area, AND a gym and bar across the street with other things as well. Plus they are on 7 mile beach.

    CN is nice, not a big beach though, and is kinda bunched up. Its probably half or a third the length of CSA, but they are on 7 mile beach.

    CSS and CTI are the 2 places that almost all have gotten when booking the Secret Rendezvous. They are both still great locations, but lets face it, they are not on 7 mile beach, and both feel like a hotel type atmosphere.

    Cant wait to be back to CSA in another 12 days for the 4th time!

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    We are going in two weeks...booked SR and found out we are staying at CTI, which is the one we wanted! So excited!!

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    We are traveling next week on the Secret Rendezvous and will be headed to CSS.

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    couples_rules, I have to disagree with you. CSS does not feel hotel like. I think just the opposite. With the lush grounds and the layout, it feels more "villa" like to me.

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    Default I dont know...

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the rooms at CSS are very bright colors...bright whites, bright blues...the floors are ceramic tiles like, and the furniture in the rooms seems very hotel like. Even the way the main part of it is built, it is like a string of hotel rooms put together. Thats what we didnt like about it. The beach was nice but not as big as CSA's beach, and the sand was more coarse than compared to CSA or CN.

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    I think the cost is more about the demand. People want more to be on 7 mile beach so the price is higher. Doesn't mean it's nicer. CN is in Negril on Bloody Bay and people want to be in Negril. However, it's all a matter of opinion, so those of us that like private beaches like the resorts in Ocho Rios so we get the benefit of having lower prices, which isn't necessarily so either.

    As for "hotel like", I don't agree with that statement regarding CSS or when people call CTI a "high rise". Most high rises I am familiar with have 10+ floors. CTI has 4 floors in 3 of it's buildings. But that's okay, we would rather CTI not be in demand. It keeps the crowds away and it's quieter.

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    Okay Vicky! I like that idea also. The more people that go to Negril, leaves more space in Ocho Rios. I am not a beach person. I prefer a pool. Who has time to walk 7 miles of beach anyway? If I liked CN or CSA it definitely wouldn't be because of the beach. I don't really care that much about the beach. We will be @ CTI for 8 days and probably will go to the beach once. I am a pool, bar, excursion, shopping, eating, and spa type of person. People say that Mexico have beautiful beaches. I have been there and they were okay. I liked eating, shopping and definitely drinking. If u r into beaches I guess a 7 mile beach will do it for u. Whichever resort u get have fun and do a lot of drinking.

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    Kelly, have you gone on your SR yet? How was is?

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    We go between CN and CTI each year, changing to get both feels. It works!

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    We did the SR earlier this month and went to CTI, we were given a garden view room but the next day they were able to switch us to an oceanview. CTI was great but CSA is home for us.

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