I am thrilled that I am going to CSA again after 3 years away, but the only part that saddens me just a bit is leaving my 3 precious doggies. Maybe I am too close too them, but I don't have human babies so my fur-covered babies mean the world to me. We will be at CSA for a week (6 days actually) returning home on day 7 and I don't want to worry about them while in paradise. Last time we were in Jamaica, my in-laws came into town and stayed at my home to watch our dogs. It's not an option this year and the thought of a Kennel makes me EXTREMELY nervous and sad for them. We have no family in our area, a few friends have offered to check in on our dogs, but we need something more "steady" and we don't want to impose on friends. We have a few nice pet resorts but the prices are "excessive" for three dogs, like nearly $600 for 8 days (an extra day is added because we will leave so early and have to kennel them the night before.) And as EXPENSIVE as it is, if I had to and I mean HAD TO, I would probably pay it. It's a little crazy cause that's a lot of money, I mean really, but that's how much I love those little dogs. Actually, I am leaning toward a pet sitter, but even that is making me nervous, I mean what if they don't show up like they say...still I think that is the more logical option, and it is half the price of the pet resort. Now, don't get me wrong, WE ARE GOING TO CSA, I love my dogs, but there is no way are WE are not going, but it's a little dilemma and I wanted to find out what you fine folks do. I tried to attach a little photo of my youngest dog, "Kirby"...hope that was successful. Name:  DSC00320.jpg
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