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    I love this thread! I'm exactly the same way; I look SO forward to my trip but I dread leaving my furries.
    Both of my girls are rescues so the kennel is particularly stressful to them. Plus my Piglet (black and white one) had sensitive feet and the concrete is hard on her.
    We used a spiffy dog spa once but always have a sitter now. The dogs get to stay home, plus the house is safer because there's someone home while you're away.
    I'm glad you've found someone you feel good about!
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    I love this thread! everyones furbabies are so cute! We use CampBowWow- overnight camp that is $50/ night for 2 dogs that share a cabin. During the day they have supervised play time with other dogs and at night have a private cabin (much bigger than a kennel and has enough room for them to walk around in) check out:
    We bought the 10 night package to save a few bucks but feel completely safe leaving our poodle and shih-zu there

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    We were in the same predicament last year when we went to CTI. Gracie Ann was still a pup and our daughter with her own toddler and a son who was in school all day weren't in a position to dogsit. We found Leroy, our local "Dog Whisperer". He's wonderful. Does doggie daycare as well as crate free boarding in his home. This past summer Gracie was able to swim and play with all his furry friends. He posts pics and videos regularly on Face Book so I get so see what she's up to.
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    ok taking care of our 2 dogs is the easy part. Try a 4 foot green iguana,3 fish tanks sizes 180,,,65,,26 gallons and an indoor basement pond of 800 gallons that houses my south american red-tailed catfish "Hank", who comes up to you for of course food but also to get his head and belly rubbed. Big hit with the local kids, a couple of whom I trust and pay to take care of them when we go away..

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    It definitely pays off to find somewhere you trust to leave them. If you have time before your trip, do a trial run with the kennel for one night - that way they get to know your dogs and their quirks and you get to see that they'll be just fine.

    For our trip in November, we'll have a housesitter staying with our St Bernard, who does best at home, and my 2 beardies are going to stay with their breeder - that way they can play with their sisters and have a blast. I personally don't kennel my dogs but it's because I have the resources to do situations that work best for each dog.

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    Oh and a picture of my gang!

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    So nice to see so many sharing the same issues! We have two mutts we adopted from our local shelter. Marli (the bigger one) came to us as a puppy 5 yrs ago after our first trip to CN. Larry, who is also 5 yrs old, joined our family on New Year's Eve 2009. Boarding them is not an option for us because Larry doesn't always play nice with others of the canine variety, and Marli likes to go on a hunger strike anytime we go away. We have a son in college nearby who can come and stay and get her to eat treats, and this year we will be opting for a pet sitter to come check in and walk them. We will be doing a CN-CSA split in December, and I know I will cry as we pull out of the driveway and they're watching us from the window. What can I say, I'm a sap!!
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    Default Just had to "Meow" in...

    I so understand getting stressed out over leaving our cats while on vacation. This Feb it worked out perfect, our niece who lived only 5 miles away, came every day, twice a day to care for our boys, we paid her well, she had taken care of them numerous time before.
    But, I'm already stressing out for next Feb. She is now in college this year and will not be able to cat sit. My dad retired this year, so I'm hoping that I can pay him and he can take care of his grandcats...
    Here is our big boy Thor.
    Thor lost his brother Gandolf in April, but is getting a new baby Brother at the end of October.
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