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    We were at CTI August 8-13. We LOVED it! We came home with about 2000 pictures. We did NOT want to leave!

    I have 2 questions that may seem strange but I would like help with them if anyone can.

    Every day at the patio restaurant buffet,we enjoyed a cheese with a white "powdery" coating. I have not been able to identify it so that we may buy it here in the states. I thought it might be brie, but no such luck. Any guesses?

    Also, we have some very beautiful photos of our delicious food from Verandah and Bayside restaurants. We would like to be able to label the photos, but forgot to write down what they were. Any chance we can get copies of the 2 menus from that week??

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

    We will definitely be going back again, and again!! We miss Byron!!

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    Yes you had Brie cheese. Yummy, HUH?? I also miss Byron , but I get to see him in 10 days. Can't WAIT!!!! I also love that place. Getting ready to celebrate my 5th trip. Definately my favorite place on earth.

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