My bride to be and I are getting ready to go on our honeymoon to CSS, and we are both super excited. We do have a few concerns and questions however as we have been viweing the msg board. Your help is appericated. I have tried to post under original threads, but I have had no sucess... so I am starting my own!

#1) Read a thread a while back a post that said smoking was allowed in the rooms at CSS. Is this allowed in all rooms on the resort? Are there some rooms that are non-smoking? My wife to be and I are allergic to smoke, and this would be something we would need to fix before arrival.

#2) We are thinking about taking TimAir to get a birds eye view of the Island, and were wondering if the Couples Shuttle will transfer our bags for us so we do not have to take them on the flight?

I would appreciate all ya'lls help! Can't wait to get home and enjoy some CSS!!

Scott in Kansas