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Unique Ways to Show The Love at Couples Resorts

Don’t let your busy schedule get in the way of showing your love. At times, being in relationships makes you so comfortable or content that you may forget to reassure your partner that you do care. It may be a quick, "I love you," or “I miss you” while running through the door, but that may become such a routine that its true meaning is diminished.

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At Couples Resorts, we’re all about rekindling the flame, and finding any lost passion. We want you to release your inhibitions and enjoy your couples only resort vacation while creating special memories in paradise.

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The possibilities of how to show the love at our Caribbean romantic all inclusive resort are endless. Not sure of how you can surprise your love at Couples Resorts? No worries mon, we are here to assist you in creating unique ways to express your love. Whether it’s by means of something traditional like a surprise floral arrangement or rose petals on the bed; we believe any gesture goes a long way. Maybe you’ve passed the bamboos swaying in the warm breeze at Couples Swept Away. Try carving your names in one of them and see if you can find it when you return!

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No bamboos available? No worries mon, you’re in Jamaica, with lots of beaches around; feel free to write your name in the sand and snap a photo before it washes away. Looking for an underwater surprise? It’s been done at Couples Resorts! Watch in this video below as a proposal is captured on camera from below the surface while this couple is out on a diving expedition:

When next you travel to Couples Resorts, be sure to show your partner just how much you love them! Remember, any Couples staff member would be happy to assist you with carrying out the perfect surprise.