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Executive Chef Stefan Spath's Secrets To A Delicious Meal For Two

In today’s service-centric world, vacations are not complete without the consideration of restaurants, ambiance and service. One of those important aspects of any vacation is the cuisine, especially when it’s at an all-inclusive resort. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner should all be meals that tantalize the senses and leave you and your loved one just looking forward to the next exciting meal. Couples Resorts has all of these necessary ingredients to create lasting memories with mouthwatering, exotic cuisine from Jamaica that will leave you quenching more.

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At Couples Resorts, our talented culinary team works daily to ensure that all ingredients are fresh and prepared to perfection. For our Executive Chef, Stefan Spath, preparing recipes for our four locations is not a daily task but rather a craftsmanship at its very best. Incorporating exciting exotic flavors like fiery Scotch bonnet pepper, pimento, nutmeg, and sweet coconut just to name a few, you and your significant other will feel truly transported to another world. Might you be slightly nervous about the amount of spice and flavor that develops into Jamaican food? Our best advice to you is to live like the Jamaicans do!

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Staying with us at Couples Resort Tower Isle? Head over to the Eight Rivers Restaurant for some out of this world cuisine that is sure to leave you asking “Yum, what was that?!” Who wouldn’t want the freshest seafood and meat that a resort has to offer? Enjoy our favorite pick, the Surf & Turf which includes Thyme Rubbed Chicken Breast topped with crispy prosciutto, diver scallops, Shrimp drizzled with lemon all with a side of couscous, raisins and beurre blanc. If at this point, your mouth isn’t watering then don’t worry, because at Couples Resorts, there are several indulgent, delicious restaurants to choose from! Check out one of our Executive at Eight Rivers Restaurant preparing another one of our favorites, beef tenderloin with Caribbean style mashed potatoes and pickled pumpkin – yum! Whether you’re nervous about trying this exotic cuisine or you can’t wait to dig in, Couples Resort is the perfect destination. Happy Eats!

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