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How To Surprise Your Sweetheart With a Romance Getaway

Vacations are sometimes about getting in touch with your special someone; they create a special kind of intimacy and allow each partner to freely express their emotions and feelings. An exotic and tropical, or a fun and adventurous setting can help restore any lost passion in a relationship. So, have you spent quality time with your other half lately? If not, its probably time to reconnect and enjoy some quiet moments together away from the daily grind. We at Couples Resorts have a great suggestion for you: why not travel to the Caribbean for your next couples vacations and enjoy the tranquility of Jamaica!

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Decision made! Lets share some tips on how to surprise your partner with a Romance Getaway.

Choose a Date - Decide on a date that works best for not only you, but with your partners schedule as well.

Finances - Ensure you budget properly. Proper research needs to be done to ensure best deals. Do you prefer an all-inclusive resort? Save some funds for all the shopping and plan excursions you could do together.

Setting - Choose where you want to go. Is it somewhere exotic, a Caribbean island or close to home? Ask yourself: Does your choice have a special meaning to you or your partner? Is there a location that he/she has always wanted to visit?

Conclude arrangements - Finalize reservations with hotel of choice and plan your romantic getaway. Ensure that you are the only point of contact.

Taking care of details - Arrange for child-care and/or pet-sitting, house-sitting arrangements, mail pick-up, and other details. Cover all tracks necessary in order to ensure that your partner does not find out about the plans, or wont stress out about it when youre gone. Make sure both your passports are valid.

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Plan a special time to reveal the surprise - Go out to a special dinner or lunch and reveal the surprise in a creative and romantic way. For example, Couples Resorts offers a wide variety in souvenir items and dedicated staff always willing to help you drop a few hints about your plan. Whether its presenting him/her with a teddy bear or polo shirt with a Couples logo or requesting that the Chief Romance Officer, Randy Russell, read your love letter to your one love; we can guarantee that your partner will be surprised.

Optional You can keep the destination a secret until you arrive on the island (be sure to give your loved one some idea of what to pack while away).

Surprise your partner with romantic gestures on your trip - Romance can inspire, so don't be afraid to ask hotel or restaurant staff for help. The hotel concierge is a great place to start asking questions about special offerings at the resort. Couples Resorts for example, offers a wide variety of romance packages which are affordably priced. Arrangements can also be made to leave rose petals on the bed or chocolates in unexpected locations. Outside of the hotel, consider excursions such as swimming with the dolphin or horseback rides. Most importantly, pay attention to your loved one's wants and desires during the trip and maintain a sense of wonder and delight about destination.

If you, or anyone you know, have surprised their sweetheart with a Couples vacation, please share the story with us in the comment box below!