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Sail Off Into the Sunset at Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away

If for a second you thought that you were in the most blissful state by coming to Couples in Jamaica and it couldnít get much better, itís about to. . While you are basking in the Jamaican sun, drinking delicious tropical cocktails by day, just wait until you see whatís in store for you under the stars.. At Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away, youíre invited to join us for a romantic Sunset Catamaran Cruise. Thatís right, a sunset cruise with your special someoneÖCould it get more romantic? We donít leave any detail unnoticed, so grab your champagne flute, leave your wallet at home, and letís head out for sunset on the Caribbean Ocean.

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A Sunset Cruise is always sublime, yet it becomes idealistic when you jump aboard our 65-foot classic catamaran only to be greeted with a warm smile, a glass of classic Jamaican rum punch, and the sounds of the ocean splashing in the background. Once you are picked up off the white sandy beach on the shore of Couples Negril or Couples Swept Away, you and your special someone will travel to Jamaicaís West End where the views are breathtaking and the waterís temperature is unbelievably warm.

The cherry on top of this Sunset Sundae is that this vacation deal is all inclusive, therefore completely included with your vacation. What are you waiting for? We look forward to welcoming you soon, mon.

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    Rasta Ralphie is a must to have on the cruise. He makes it FUN!

    Life is good :)